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About Redmon Wines

Welcome to Redmon Wines. We are a small production, family winery in St. Helena, CA. We’re told our wines are among the best in the Napa Valley. We’re glad you have discovered us!

Small Producers:
Each year we produce no more than 1,000 cases of wine. Our signature Redmon Cabernet Sauvignon, is limited to about 300 cases each year. To put things in perspective, each year the Napa Valley as a whole produces millions of cases!
We like making our wine in small quantities. Our hands do the work, not large production lines. For example, each fall we hand-sort the fruit from our vineyard. We pick out raisins and anything that is not the perfect fruit. We do this ourselves, and we do it twice!
Best of all, because we are small, we have the opportunity to genuinely connect with our customers. Newcomers love to hear Our Story, and we love to hear about the journey that brought them to us. Together we form friendships, and the Redmon Wine family grows.

World Class Wines:
Right from the beginning we made the choice to create wine of the highest quality. That means no shortcuts. French oak barrels, the best fruit, and winemaking practices that result in a truly hand-crafted product.
To increase the concentration, complexity, and quality of our fruit, we cut the historic yield of our vineyard in half! Each summer we do a “green drop,” meaning we cut off every other cluster of fruit. This improves quality because the available nutrients go into half as much fruit as they would otherwise.
Mother Nature helps out as well. Located on the St. Helena bench, our vineyard contains dry, rocky soil from the mountains, mixed with lush, volcanic soil from the valley floor. This unique soil combination results in soft and elegant cabernets of superb quality.

Sold by Word of Mouth:

We take pride in trying to meet everyone who purchases Redmon Wine. We do not sell though conventional outlets, which is why you will not find us in shops or restaurants. Please Contact Us so we can chat more about our winery. Whether you come to visit us or purchase from home, Redmon Wines welcomes you to the family.