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Remember When...a St. Helena Story

I remember when I was about eight years old, my brother and I would head down with our dad in the morning of to the A&W restaurant my family owned to keep him company as he prepared that day to open the store. Most days he would put my brother and I to work. Our favorite job was to fill the individual coleslaw containers. I would use a plastic glove to grab a scoop and fill the styrofoam cups and my brother would put on the plastic lids. When our duties were over, my dad threw us a couple of dollars (which was a lot back in the early 70's) for our hard work and we were then free to roam around St. Helena on our bicycles until he was finished with his work day. . One of our first stops was the Sprouse-Reitz on Main Street right next to Sunshine Foods. We always stopped for the candy as they had a great selection. I typically picked something called an Abba-Zabba taffy bar and my brother went for something called Fun Dip that was a candy stick that you could dip in a sweet powder and lick it off. We would browse the aisles trying to figure out what we could afford if we combined our money versus purchasing separately. . In 2006 Sprouse became Ben Franklin. Lots of good memories in that store!!!

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