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Rejuvenation of the Redmon 50-Year-Old Vines

Updated: Mar 15, 2018

Redmon Wines has embraced a new concept and trend in viticulture management this year. We have moved from the traditional Cordon pruning technique to Cain pruning our 50 year old vines. We are seeing a number of vineyards in the valley that have adopted this concept and are excited to see the results over the next few years. Below is a brief definition of each process:

Cordon pruning (which is what the Redmon vines have executed for the last 25 years) leaves a permanent horizontal extension of the (trunk in place year after year. Cordons can be decades old and achieve diameters of several inches or more which is the case of our 50 year old vines.. The cordons themselves do not usually produce fruitful shoots. The fruitful shoots come from spur positions located along the cordon. These spur positions typically support one cane that is pruned short, usually to two buds.

This new concept called Cane pruning requires an annual replacement or renewal of one year old wood (canes) on the fruiting wire. These canes typically contain 6 to 10 buds and are 1 to 2 feet long. The buds from these canes will produce fruitful shoots that support that year’s crop. The subsequent winter that cane will be removed and replaced by a new one year old cane.

The idea is to rejuvenate the vines and improve the quality of grapes that are harvested. This method allows the vine to open up so each chute, cluster and berry is has more exposure to sunlight, wind, etc. which helps in the ripening process. We are so fortunate to have these beautiful 50 year old, Clone 6 vines which produce such an amazingly soft, easy wine to drink. All of the fruit from this 3 ½ acre vineyard is used to produce the Redmon Estate Cabernet.

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