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A little about owner,
Lisa Redmon…

Lisa moved to the small farming community of Saint Helena, California, with her family in the early 1970’s. At the time, there were only about 50 wineries in Napa Valley. The family’s move to the area was prompted by the decision to buy the local A&W Restaurant. They did just that, and after purchasing, ran the restaurant for 35 years. As a hard-working family, Lisa learned from an early age the importance of a good work ethic.


She remained in Saint Helena until leaving to attend college at the University of San Francisco. Then after graduating with a degree in Finance, Lisa landed in the corporate world of business development for the next 12 years.


Always having an entrepreneurial spirit, it didn’t take much time before she felt the longing to start a business of her own. She decided to head back home to Napa Valley to take a break and pause for some serious thought. Once home, she took notice of a small vineyard that her family had purchased with the profits from the restaurant. This was exactly the nudge she needed and with her business background and entrepreneurial spirit, thus began the journey of building Redmon Wines.


As a female proprietor and business owner in the wine industry, Lisa has always remained (and will continue), to stay true to her roots and vision to produce small lot, artisanal wines of the highest caliber and offer them to the wonderful friends, both new and past, who come her way. She feels very fortunate to be working in an industry that she has so much passion and love for!

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