A little about owner,
Lisa Redmon…

I moved to Saint Helena with my family in the early 1970s. I graduated high school here, and then worked in our family restaurant until it was time to leave St. Helena to continue my education. I decided to attend the University of San Francisco. After graduation, I stayed in the Bay Area and worked in sales and marketing for the technology and financial industries. Ten years into my career, I realized I wanted to return to “paradise” in the Napa Valley. I moved to St. Helena and began Redmon Wines.

People often ask me how and why I got into the wine business.  The “how” was a bit of luck. When I moved back to St. Helena from the Bay Area in 1999, my family owned a small vineyard that was planted to Cabernet Sauvignon. The funny part is that no one in my family drank or was interested in wine, so I took this opportunity to have some fun by making a bucket or two of wine in my garage as a hobby. This hobby went wild and eventually ended up as Redmon Wines.

The “why” part of the equation is simple. After living in St. Helena for 40 years, I’ve grown deeply fond of the Napa Valley. This business is a way for me to share the love I have for this area through the amazing wines it produces. Sharing Redmon wines with customers is my way of sharing the history and love I have for this beautiful place.