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  Winemaking is central to everything we do and our commitment is to make the best wine possible! It is a lofty goal. But excellence is at the core of the philosophy across our entire business. From the soil to your lips, we hope the experience of enjoying Redmon is world-class. It starts with the soil and the vineyard; the place from where the grapes come from. We work hard to farm and harvest grapes from the best small farms in Napa Valley. 

We believe the art of winemaking is to naturally express the amazing place the grapes come from. The French call this Terroir or the geography from where the grapes are grown and the influence of nature that cannot be controlled by humans. Expressing the natural goodness in every bottle is how we make wine. We use the finest products and carefully measure each step during the making of our wine.

We use the highest quality new French Oak barrels, carefully selected yeasts, and the finest corks. During harvest each bin of grapes is double hand sorted to ensure only the finest, ripest grapes are crushed and fermented. By carefully and meticulously refining the wine making process year over year, we have identified the critical stages we measure and control the entire process from our vineyard to your glass.
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