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October 31, 2017
I’d like to introduce you to the story of two friends and wine collectors who recently lost their home in the fires. There are so many devastating stories that have come out in the last few weeks, but this one has an inspiring twist to it that I really wanted to share.

During the wildfires, I evacuated my house in St. Helena and went to stay with a good friend in Novato, CA who opened up her home to those in need. Also staying with her were Sue and Brenda who had lost a beautiful home and a wine cellar with 800 bottles of handpicked wines. Their story was tragic, but put a smile on my face.

Sue and Brenda received a call at 3 am on Monday, October 9th from a friend who gave them a quick warning about the fire approaching their home before cell phone service died. They looked out their back door and saw the flames coming their way. They had a very short time to get out. Luckily the two of them had put together a plan years ago where each of them were assigned duties in case of an emergency evacuation. Sue was responsible for computers so she started unplugging and packing up hard drives. Brenda was responsible for wine so she headed towards the cellar. She packed the first case and took it to the car outside. She looked around her housing development and saw that most all the lights were off, meaning neighbors were asleep and unaware of the fire. She thought to herself that she could save bottles or save lives and she chose lives. She put down the wine and started knocking on doors.

When I was staying with Sue in Novato, she told me about the phone calls she had received in the last few days from those neighbors thanking her for her efforts to wake and save them. The entire tract of homes was lost, but everyone got out alive thanks to Sue!!

Despite Mother Nature challenging Napa Valley in this unimaginable way, the recent fires have demonstrated a spirit of strength and resilience in our community that is simply amazing. We are enormously grateful to the first responders, law enforcement and volunteers who worked tirelessly to help our communities and


June 6, 2017

I had the opportunity to visit the south of France for the first time last month and thought I would share some of the things I learned about the Bordeaux region and how it compares to my home in Napa Valley.  I stayed about 40 minutes from the city of Bordeaux in a small town called St. Emilion, located on the right bank.  This region is comprised of many small family producers rather than the larger aristocratic Chateaus on the left bank.



March 1, 2017
Redmon Wines was happy to pour our wines at Nashville's premier wine auction this weekend to help fund the support against fighting cancer.  Thanks so all our Nashville friends in attendance for their support of this cause.


November 8, 2016

We are happy to announce a tie this year for the Redmon annual 2016 photo contest. McKay and Matt Barra from Chicago, IL and the Huffman group from Houston Texas are both the proud owners of shiny, new magnum of Redmon Cabernet. It was a very tough decision as we had so many great photo entries.

Thanks to all for your votes and good luck next year!!


November 8, 2016
To celebrate the 2016 Harvest Season, Redmon Wines invites you to email a photo of yourself and/or your favorite group of wine enthusiasts enjoying a bottle of Redmon wine as an entry to win a Magnum of our 2013 Cabernet. We’re looking for the most creative, funniest, or craziest photo that shows off the Redmon bottle. We held this contest a few years back and received some amazing entries.

We have recruited an independent panel of judges (a couple of our favorite limo drivers) to vote on the emailed photos through the month of September and the lucky winner will receive their magnum the first part of October.

Pick your back drop, get creative and send us your finished product by email (in high resolution) to blair@redmonwines.com.

Deadline is September 30th and the winner will be announced by email the first week in October. Can’t wait to see what you all come up with…

Lisa and Blair
Redmon Wines


June 8, 2016
 Redmon is excited to annouce that Auction Napa Valley raised a total of $14.3 million this year for local health and children's education nonprofits. To top it off, Redmon's E-auction Lot came in at an all time high.  The Redmon Chardonnay was a big hit at the Friday marketplace held at Mondavi Winery.  Blair and Lisa poured in the 95 degree heat.


February 25, 2016
Did you know that a wine barrel is made out of a tree that is 250 years old?

Lisa and Blair recently spent the day learning about the intensive process of producing a wine barrel and we are happy to report that the high price tag on french oak is worth every penny.

The starting point in barrel construction are the long pieces of oak called the staves. The staves come from the 250 year old tree and only the most perfect pieces are used for wine barrels. The rest of the tree can be used for railroad ties, furniture, etc. Staves spend 2 to 3 years seasoning outside before they are ready to be shaped. As shown above, the staves are then softened with fire. Heat is used to help bend the staves in conjunction with pressure from the metal hoops. After the wood is soft enough to bend, a metal wire tightens the bottom of the barrel and more metal hoops are hammered on by hand. The barrel is then toasted over a flame. The level of toast matters in terms of the flavor impact on the wine that will be stored in it. The freshly toasted barrel is then sanded, packaged, and shipped to the customer.

We really enjoyed our tour and appreciate learning another aspect of the wine-making process.


October 22, 2015
The Redmon Vineyard is now officially at 10% verasion. The vineyard is currently being irrigated and the shoots that were once green are now all brown and lignified. We are one step closer to the 2015 vintage being ready.

It's a great time for a visit to Napa. Call us if you get our way. We look forward to hopefully seeing or hearing from you soon.


July 17, 2015
 Auction Napa Valley was a big success this year!! The Redmon Wines e-auction lot topped out at $3,600 and the total raised for the weekend was $15.8 million.

For the first time, Redmon Wines hosted a pre-auction Friday night dinner prior to the big day on Saturday. We joined forces with three other local vintner's and poured some amazing wines as seen above.

Thanks to all who supported the auction and e-auction lots!!


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