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July 17, 2015
 Redmon Wines has a new additon to its team. Blair Sprout has come to us from the financial services industry in Chicago. She was first a club member and customer and now works for us here in St. Helena.

She and I had a chance to open the Redmon 97 point, 2006 Estate Cabernet together last week. We had to improvise as we did not have a decanter so we used an oblong shaped vase. It still drank beautifully!!


March 7, 2015
Redmon Wines was excited to participate in the Cure Dechenne last weekend at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach.  This was a fund raiser to support muscular dystrophy.  300 people attended.

The course of the evening was the 2012 Redmon Chardonnay paired with a beautiful scallop over a mix of corn and beans.  It was an amazing evening!!


March 7, 2015
Kyle and Justin had a great time in the vineyard this year pruning the vines.  The vineyard looks great and we are all set for spring!!


January 22, 2015
 Redmon Wines poured their finest for the largest and oldest food and wine society in existence last Friday night.  The event took place at the Montage Resort in Dan Point and held about 125 people.  The Redmon story was well received and everyone enjoyed the 2012 Chardonnay and 2010 Estate Cabernet.  Thanks for all those in attendence!!  


November 16, 2014
Redmon Wines will be pouring this up coming weekend at the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival. Come visit us at one of these three events: Wine Spectator Celebrity Chef Dinner Thurs @ 6 pm at the US Grant Hotel, The Vault Reserve Tasting on the Hornblower Friday @ 6pm or the Grand Tasting Event at the Embarcadero Marina. We'd love to see you!!


August 11, 2014
The Redmon family had fun in the vineyard this weekend working with our vineyard manager to prune the vines.  The kids helped him pair back the fruit to exactly two clusters per shoot.

The vineyard looks beautiful and we are excited about Harvest which is not far away!!


April 22, 2014
With Spring right around the corner, I wanted to reach out and introduce one of my favorite tour guides in the Napa Valley:  Doug White of Behind the Label Napa Valley.  Doug is a long time local (I actually went to high school with him) who owns and runs a very special transporation company.  He specializes in helping visitors see the off-map side of Napa.  He will help you arrange very personal expereinces in the homes of vintners and wine makers and keep you informed and entertained during your visit.

To make an appointment with Doug, please call 707-363-4023.  www.btlnv.com,


January 28, 2014
We've had the honor Redmon Wine poured at many charity events over the years, but the Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego did it well at the Hotel Del Mar in San Diego over the weekend of January 26th. Our wines were poured by acrobats hanging from the ceiling - WOW!!

Acrobats hung from the ceiling and poured our Chardonnay and Cabernet for guests. If you look closely, you can see the distinct shape of our Chardonnay bottle in the picture!

We thought it would be fun to share the experience.

Happy New Year!!

Scott, Lisa and Shelby


October 8, 2013
Entries are in for the 2013 Harvest Contest. We asked Redmon fans to write us with their favorite story about an experience with our wines and below are stories from the top three contestents. The winner will enjoy a weekend at the Redmon Ranch in St. Helena. We'd love to hear from you with your favorite of the three:

DID YOU DRINK MY DADDY'S WINE!?!?! - So...Redmon wine almost broke up two blood brothers in Texas, sworn together by a fraternity. Dramatic enough for you? ..... imagine:

I was 23, recent grad of TCU, heading to a party y'all in Lake Conroe. After a night of celebrating an engagement of a frat bro, said bro offers my girlfriend and I a bottle of Redmon wine out of the extensive collection. Knowing a bit about Napa wines, I'm happy to accept. We drink, not so much eat, but we are merry. Then... the new fiance sees the empty bottle of Redmon and begins to freak out! She asks, "Who drank this bottle, because...YOU are going to have to answer to Larry!" After that, it got real awkward. We then had to drive home 4 hours to Dallas, TX to get away from the situation to avoid further confrontation.

THE SECRET IS OUT... - Over 25 years ago a Frenchman, Francois Pasquier, had a unique idea for a private dinner party. He would assemble a list of his friends and contacts, notify them to standby for information of a secret public location where they would set up their own dinner, enjoy a great evening of fellowship, then remove their place settings leaving the area just as they found it. Ah, but there was one more etat (condition). In order to recognize the others attending the clandestine party in this public setting, all were to dress in white - ALL white. Pasquier disclosed the location just hours before the start of the dinner party, the guests found each other, in a fashion that would be called a “Smart Mob” today, and enjoyed an evening reminiscent of elegance of French court society. Departing that night many of the guests wanted to elevate this affair to the status of a tradition. And, in fact, “Le Diner en Blanc” now attracts thousands to gatherings all over the world who enjoy a brief evening of the camaraderie of sharing an experience of beauty and good taste.

What does that have to do with the singular pleasure of enjoying Redmon wines" Well, it just so happens that San Francisco conducts its own version of this mass chic picnic in very public places. This year, just last week in fact, “Le Diner a San Francisco” was held at Civic Center Plaza. Three thousand invited guests were alerted to this secret location just hours before the start of the affair. Prior to this the enlightened had spent, in many cases, months preparing table setting commensurate with the decorum of the evening. Then, beginning at 5pm all began to assemble at the Plaza to busily prepare their tables for the ritual of the waiving of the napkins to signal the start of fine dining and a truly enchanted evening – much to the astonishment, of course, to all those passing by.

Our table was adorned by a prized bottle of Redmon 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon. We love sharing our “secret” - the best Cab we have ever tasted - with the unenlightened. And, the reaction is always the same. ALL who sample want to know more about the origin, heritage and availability of this delicious king of the red varietals.So, the secret is out among our guests who share a glass with us; that Redmon Cab befits the most discriminating taste and most magical moments.

REDMON IS AN AMAZING LAST NAME!! - Several years back, we were introduced to Redmon wines by a neighbor who works in the wine industry. He gave my husband an apron with the Redmon logo and name on it and boasted that their 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon had just been named number 30 out of the best 100 wines in the world. We were surprised to see the unique spelling of the name as our surname is Redmon as well. Shortly thereafter, my husband called Lisa to learn more about the winery. She invited us to bring our family to join her for a private wine tasting.

My husband and I raised our four Redmon daughters in Sacramento, California. As adults they scattered throughout the country, with our oldest remaining in Sacramento, the two middle girls living in the Los Angeles area, and our youngest living in Brooklyn, New York. Coming home for Christmas is our family’s favorite tradition. Shortly before the holiday in 2011, when the girls were home for Christmas, we took Lisa up on her generous offer and had a wine tasting with two of our daughters and their husbands. Our family fell in love with the wine, and our daughters loved sharing their “Redmon-girl” stories with Lisa. At the end of the day, Lisa gave each of us a Redmon apron.
Our four girls maintained a deep connection to each other and all things Redmon. The oldest two kept their maiden name and the youngest hyphenated hers. Their husbands always joke how they have been “tamed into submission” and are frequently called Mr. Redmon when visiting Sacramento. During our week-long Christmas celebration, each of our daughters and their husbands prepare a unique dinner for the entire brood. These dinners are always complimented by a special bottle of Redmon wine from our cellar. Attached is my favorite picture. As you can see, I am surrounded by two of my “Redmon” sons-in-law (not-so-proudly) wearing their Redmon aprons!

We raised our girls to love their sisters, their Redmon name, and great wine. There is no better way to celebrate our family than with a bottle of Redmon.
Thanks for your feedback!!

Scott, Lisa and Shelby
Redmon Wines


September 15, 2013
In the spirit of celebrating Harvest 2013, we are giving you the opportunity to get creative and tell us about your favorite experience with Redmon Wines. We had such fun last year with the Redmon photo contest and judging all the amazing entries, we thought it would be interesting to open it up this year to written stories, photos and videos.


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