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Harvest 2009 was a success!!  We had a few customers join us yesterday to pick the fruit from our 3 1/2 acre vineyard in St. Helena.  We picked all morning at then headed to the winery to sort and crush. The yield was 6 tons which will produce about 400 cases of our 2009 Redmon Cabernet. 

Harvest was a few weeks later for us in comparison to prior years, increasing the hang time and allowing the fruit to ripen beautifully.  It was also the coolest weather in our 10 years of experience harvesting.  Usually we are baking in the heat, but yesterday the weather topped out at about 73 degrees and was even a bit breezy at times.


We think 2009 looks like an amazing crop that will produce a wonderful Cabernet!!!

Post By:   LisaScott
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