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October 12, 2011
Harvest is right around the corner and we would like to extend an invite to come experience the picking and crushing of our grapes with the Redmon crew. Mother nature has been a bit sporadic this year with the weather. We’ve had some early cooling and rain and we are anxiously awaiting the heat and final ripening of the fruit. We expect to pick next week sometime, although we won’t know the exact day until just a few days beforehand. If you have an interest in joining us this year, please reply by email and we will put your name on a list of folks we will contact when we have the exact date locked in. We usually start at about 7:30 am and pick until 11 or 12 noon. We’ll stop for lunch and then take the fruit to Cardinale Winery where we do the sort and crush in the afternoon. Our company is still small enough that we can invite our customers out each year. We usually have about 10 people join and it's a whole lot of fun. Hope to see you there!! Regards, Scott and Lisa


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